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2007 Double Marathon - By Gender
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26th Annual Athens to Atlanta Road Skate
Sunday, October 7, 2007

Results for the new 10km (6.2 mile) event for 2007 can be found here along with the traditional ultramarathon-distance events. However, the 10km event results are NOT combined with the statistics nor do they appear on the skater summary or detail pages for these longer distance road skating events.

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[ AllGenderDivision ]
PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.03:34:26220Deno, ChristinaF•18:2929Fast ForwardBensalem, PA14.55
2.04:02:5568Brown-Herbst, KariF•40:4945 Eagle River, WI12.84
3.05:43:33129Beyer-Gillen, MichelleF•30:3934 Pittsburgh, PA9.08
4.07:43:15122Evans, SherryF•30:3933 Charlotte, NC6.74
 DNF9Brooks, ColleenF•30:3936Farmington Inline (MI)Northville, MI0.00
 DNF123Duink, TarahF•18:2929 Charlotte, NC0.00
 DNS64Jones, MargaretF•40:4943 Round Hill, VA0.00
 DNS57Mapes, AmberF•19:2926 Atlanta, GA0.00
 DNS92Patch, CarolF•50:5958Skater's Quest (VA)Arlington, VA0.00


[ AllGenderDivision ]
PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.03:20:30219Arceneaux, StevenM•18:2928Fila UsaPuyallup, WA15.56
2.03:47:0431Morgan, JayM•30:3939APRR (Atlanta, GA)Atlanta, GA13.74
3.03:47:05236Day, MarkM•40:4945APRR (Atlanta, GA)Powder Spgs, GA13.74
4.03:56:15191Cummings, DennisM•60:6960Team SAFE (CA)Concord, CA13.21
5.04:02:49133Allison, RobertM•40:4944 Decatur, GA12.85
6.04:02:5567Herbst, GlennM•50:5953 Eagle River, WI12.84
7.04:13:51193Ferguson, KevinM•40:4944 Decatur, GA12.29
8.04:14:03186Larue, Frank DrM•60:6966Ottawa Inline (Canada)Gatineau, Canada12.28
9.04:26:28235Fong, JackM•30:3933 San Francisco, CA11.71
10.04:29:45208Totton, LannyM•60:6960TISC (Toronto, Canada)Toronto, Canada11.57
11.04:52:5929Kummer, JohnM•60:6963 Lakeland, FL10.65
12.05:08:13247Bennett, TimM•30:3937APRR (Atlanta, GA)Rex, GA10.12
13.05:15:4049Stiles, MelM•60:6962Philadelphia LandskatersMullica Hill, NJ9.88
14.05:41:49128Zingo, ThomasM•40:4942APRR (Atlanta, GA)Norcross, GA9.13
15.05:43:33130Gillen, ThomasM•40:4945 Pittsburgh, PA9.08
15T05:43:3369McCue, TomM•50:5958Team SAFE (CA)San Carlos, CA9.08
17.06:27:4289Smith, MikeM•40:4941Farmington Inline (MI)Farmington Hill, MI8.05
18.06:48:00231Ell, JamesM•50:5954 Smyrna, GA7.65
19.07:00:28254Volz, ChrisM•50:5959WAR (Washington, DC)Potomac Falls, VA7.42
20.07:10:16188Beeler, DavidM•30:3937 Indianapolis, IN7.25
21.07:25:01190Babbitt, DavidM•50:5959 Davisburg, MI7.01
22.08:18:57260Takeda, HirotoshiM•30:3937Dallas LoozersLittle Elm, TX6.25
 DNF10Adamczyk, RyszardM•50:5954TISC (Toronto, Canada)Toronto, Canada0.00
 DNS59Sinnamohideen, ShafeeqM•18:2928TRIC (Pittsburgh, PA)Pittsburgh, PA0.00
 DNS134Wilson, PaulM•40:4942Skater's Quest (VA)Washington, DC0.00

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