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10th Annual Athens to Atlanta Road Skate
Sunday, October 13, 1991

Sponsored by: Cherry Coke, Hyper, Riedell
Produced by: Henry and Valerie Zuver

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[ AllGenderDivision ]
PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.05:32:542Verhoef, KarinF•OPEN28 Woerden, Holland15.32
2.06:21:3726Jackson, ValerieF•OPEN26Big Apple RoadSkaters Assoc.NY13.36
3.06:50:0116Marshall, MikkiF•OPEN29Big Apple RoadSkaters Assoc.NY12.44
4.06:50:0251Fletcher, PamelaF•OPEN36 Long Beach, CA12.44
5.07:03:3410Kesting, TammyF•OPEN26Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA12.04
6.07:16:0337Ashworth, TamaraF•OPEN36Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA11.70
7.07:37:2158Muller, PamF•MASTER40Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA11.15
8.08:20:5449Gates, CharlieF•OPEN27Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA10.18
 DNF48Lane, BarbaraF•OPEN32 Tampa, FL0.00
 DNF7Sands, JulieF•OPEN33 Winter Haven, FL0.00
 DNS65Pappas, MariaF•OPEN28 Mission Viejo, CA0.00


[ AllGenderDivision ]
PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.04:28:141Bouma, HaicoM•OPEN21 0ldetryne, Holland19.01
2.04:37:3320Zwart, JacobM•OPEN32 Zoutkaep, Holland18.38
3.04:37:3429Lowden, JonM•OPEN28Big Apple RoadSkaters Assoc.NY18.37
4.04:38:1885Matzger, EddyM•OPEN24 Berkeley, CA18.33
5.04:38:1959Svensson, JohnM•OPEN29 Seattle, WA18.32
6.04:38:2021Heidema, GerhardM•OPEN22 Groningen, Holland18.32
7.04:38:2143Johnson, GaryM•OPEN29 Maple Grove, MN18.32
8.04:38:228Snakenberg, SandyM•OPEN30 Berkeley, CA18.32
9.05:03:304Levien, GregM•OPEN26 San Francisco, CA16.80
10.05:03:306Riddle, MikeM•OPEN19 San Francisco, CA16.80
11.05:03:3130Brockmann, UweM•OPEN27Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA16.80
12.05:03:3215Novak, SteveM•OPEN33Big Apple RoadSkaters Assoc.NY16.80
13.05:03:3344Wright, MaxM•OPEN27 Pato Alto, CA16.80
14.05:14:1023Thysseling, BaukeM•OPEN26 Sneek, Holland16.23
15.05:16:0740Frana, LeonM•OPEN31Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA16.13
16.05:16:5345Morgan, JanerioM•OPEN30Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA16.09
17.05:33:2062Borgnes, ErikM•OPEN26 Bloomfield Hills, MI15.30
18.05:51:1254Marrow, JoshM•OPEN23 Oakland, CA14.52
19.06:04:5512Bruce, ReneM•? San Diego, CA13.98
20.06:04:5553Roland, TheodoreM•OPEN30 S. Boston, MA13.98
21.06:11:2946Karim, AdlaiM•? Berkeley, CA13.73
22.06:11:3017Vanderhoef, RoyM•OPEN34Washington Area RollerskatersVA13.73
23.06:15:2611Peck, MichaelM•OPEN31 Fayetteville, NC13.58
24.06:19:5233Lunde, AndrewM•OPEN25Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA13.43
25.06:21:2225Galagarza, JulesM•OPEN22Big Apple RoadSkaters Assoc.NY13.37
26.06:31:4356Brtsse, MatthewM•OPEN32 Huntsville, AL13.02
26T06:31:4355Taber, KenM•OPEN33Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA13.02
26T06:31:4322Verdaguer, RaymondM•MASTER43Big Apple RoadSkaters Assoc.NY13.02
26T06:31:4335White, GaryM•MASTER40 Laguna Hills, CA13.02
30.06:41:0042Terry, JonM•OPEN22 Lansing, MT12.72
31.06:49:5336Yarbrough, LenM•OPEN22 Huntsville, AL12.44
32.06:50:3461Wolford, JamesM•SENIOR60 Seattle, WA12.42
33.07:03:355Nosta, JohnM•OPEN32Big Apple RoadSkaters Assoc.NY12.04
34.07:22:2519Brooks, RichardM•OPEN30 Miami, FL11.53
35.07:22:2627Barton, StevenM•OPEN27Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA11.53
36.07:33:1541Hanna, DavidM•OPEN37 Guttenberg, NJ11.25
37.07:33:4931Guisleman, TomM•OPEN24 Xenia, OH11.24
38.07:37:213Acas, JeromeM•OPEN26 Fayetteville, NC11.15
39.07:37:2157Pulsifer, TomM•MASTER48Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA11.15
40.07:47:1450Waguespack, JamesM•MASTER45 Luling, LA10.92
41.07:51:0624Best, KevinM•MASTER40Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA10.83
42.08:22:4214Freedman, AllenM•SENIOR55Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA10.15
43.08:30:4034Murphy, RichardM•OPEN35 Greeley, CO9.99
 DNF18Brown, DonaldM•OPEN29 Indianapolis, IN0.00
 DNF66Gold, TimothyM•OPEN21 New Orleans, LA0.00
 DNF13Konen, MarkM•OPEN36 Newport Beach, CA0.00
 DNF63Long, WilliamM•OPEN34 Fayetteville, GA0.00
 DNF28Rosasco, JimM•OPEN27 Steamboat Springs, CO0.00
 DNF9Sands, BillM•OPEN36 Winter Haven, FL0.00
 DNF60Ziffer, AndrewM•OPEN28Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersGA0.00
 DNS47Bane, MichaelM•MASTER41 Tampa, FL0.00
 DNS64Ring, AndrewM•OPEN29 New York, NY0.00

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