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2013 Half Distance - Overall
Last updated on Saturday, November 11, 2023
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32nd Annual Athens to Atlanta Road Skate

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The finish line for the double-marathon and full-distance events was in the Fourth Ward Skate Park this year.

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[ AllGenderDivision ]
PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.02:10:5765Fortner, MichaelM•40:4941Piedmont speed club/SkatiConcord, NC17.59
2.02:10:5866Fortner, MatthewM•13:1714Piedmont speed club/SkatiConcord, NC17.59
3.02:10:5930Chen, JohnnyM•40:4944Texas FlyerPlano, TX17.59
4.02:11:0288Belnap, DavidM•13:1714Piedmont SpeedCharlotte, NC17.58
5.02:22:031Geisel, BrianM•50:5952Max MuscleMilton, GA16.22
6.02:22:2310Marcosson, AlanM•60:6963Pyro ApparelCleveland, OH16.18
7.02:22:44102Langlais, ManonF•30:3933 Montreal Canada, CAN16.14
8.02:23:3820Hall, BenM•30:3939Max MuscleAtlanta, GA16.04
9.02:27:2628Xiu, LinchengM•40:4948 Carmel, IN15.63
10.02:42:2334Minder, BrentM•40:4946 Johns Creek, GA14.19
10T02:42:2363Sinnamohideen, ShafeeqM•30:3934TRIC (Pittsburgh, PA)Pittsburgh, PA14.19
12.02:44:0678Kefer, StephenM•40:4946E3: Elite Human PerformanKernersville, NC14.04
12T02:44:0679Kefer, RebeccaF•13:1713E3: Elite Human PerformanKernersville, NC14.04
14.02:57:4946Lee, SeongbokM•60:6962 Houston, TX12.96
15.03:09:1537Price, MargaretF•40:4944 Decatur, GA12.17
15T03:09:1594Myers, LisaF•40:4943APRRAtlanta, GA12.17
15T03:09:159Keith, JonathanM•40:4943APRRAtlanta, GA12.17
18.03:18:0577Jackson, BruceM•50:5954 New York, NY11.63
19.03:22:2169Saunders, TomM•60:6964 Athens, GA11.39
20.03:22:2886Belnap, GlenM•40:4943Piedmont SpeedCharlotte, NC11.38
21.03:24:1439Jerome, John Jr.M•60:6965 Tampa, FL11.28
22.03:38:3444White, Amy-CatherineF•30:3935 Taylors, SC10.54
23.03:40:3470Shellehamer, HansM•30:3934 Opelika, AL10.45
24.03:40:3682VanWettering, JonathanM•18:2923 Opelika, AL10.44
25.03:46:4297Post, WilliamM•40:4949 Atlanta, GA10.16
26.03:47:1783Wolovlek, MarkM•30:3931 Acworth, GA10.14
27.03:47:1915Kummer, JohnM•60:6969 Lakeland, FL10.14
28.03:48:3353Snipes, AlexandraF•30:3939 Windermere, FL10.08
29.03:53:3014Stam, RobertM•50:5957 Cumming, GA9.87
30.04:06:4326Cret, AngelaF•40:4948 Buford, GA9.34
30T04:06:4374Hernandez, CesarM•30:3934APRR (Atlanta, GA)Santo Domingo D, DOM9.34
32.04:16:3668Couch, WilliamM•13:1714Precision Inline Rac.(GA)Gainesville, GA8.98
33.04:16:3767Boychuk, ChristianM•13:1714Precision Inline Rac.(GA)Gainesville, GA8.98
34.04:23:0829Sadlier, GingerF•30:3933APRRSanta Monica, CA8.76
35.04:41:3042Knecht, StephanieF•40:4941 Greenville, SC8.18
35T04:41:3043Knecht, ScottM•40:4942 Greenville, SC8.18
37.04:44:0971Cox, JohnM•30:3933 Auburn, AL8.11
37T04:44:0972Cox, DonnaF•18:2928 Auburn, AL8.11
37T04:44:0980Bowman, SarahF•18:2924 Auburn, AL8.11
37T04:44:0981McDonell, AnnaF•13:1714 Opelika, AL8.11
 DNF31Baumgartner, DonnM•50:5953Skate Free or Die!Kingsland, TX-
 DNS58Adkins, RachelF•18:2929Fast ForwardMantua, OH-

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