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1989 Full Distance - Overall
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8th Annual Athens to Atlanta Road Skate
Sunday, October 15, 1989

In addition to the full and half-distance skating events, this year's event included an 84-mile biathlon. Participants skated to checkpoint #3 and then cycled to the finish line in Piedmont Park.

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PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivSkateAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.04:46:15 Cooper, DavidM•OPENSK30Atl. Peachtree RRMI17.82
2.04:54:50 Brockmann, UweM•OPENCV25Atl. Peachtree RRAtlanta, GA17.30
3.04:54:51 Lowrie, RonM•OPENUW34Ultra WheelsMN17.30
4.04:54:52 Staprans, ArminM•OPENSK30Big Apple RRNJ17.30
5.04:56:10 Matzger, EddyM•OPENEM22 CA17.22
6.05:08:25 Holm, TerryM•MASTERUW45Ultra WheelsMN16.54
7.05:32:58 Garrido, EdgarM•OPENCV27Mexico CityMX15.32
8.05:32:59 Novak, SteveM•OPENSK31Big Apple RRNY15.32
9.05:53:10 Ingram, BillyM•OPENCV16Charlotte Pile DrvrsNC14.44
10.05:53:12 Bleacher, Ben IIIM•OPENCV25 NC14.44
11.05:53:21 Ives, EdM•OPENRB28Team No SleepWA14.43
12.06:17:48 Guisleman, TomM•OPENCV22Xenia Road RunnersOH13.50
13.06:52:11 Galagarza, JulesM•OPENRB?Big Apple RRNY12.37
14.06:55:25 Hayford, DianeF•OPENRB30Big Apple RRNY12.28
15.07:10:14 Kohn, FelipeM•OPENRB27Straights & EightsMI11.85
16.07:11:19 Sehlhorst, TomM•MASTERSK41Tampa Bay RRFL11.82
17.07:12:22 Plemmons, SusanF•OPENRB39Tampa Bay RRFL11.80
18.07:12:25 Baumgartner, DonM•OPENCV29Urban AnimalsTX11.79
19.07:12:33 Mulligan, TimM•OPENRB30Tampa Bay RRFL11.79
20.07:25:22 Freedman, AllenM•SENIORCV53Atl. Peachtree RRGA11.45
21.07:25:33 Norelli, AnnF•MASTERCV40Atl. Peachtree RRPA11.45
22.07:35:18 Bunkley, JoeM•OPENCV36Atl. Peachtree RRGA11.20
23.08:19:26 Pope, JeriF•OPENCV31Atl. Peachtree RRGA10.21
24.08:40:40 Fagan, GregM•OPENCV34Charlotte Pile DrvrsNC9.80
25.08:40:40 Haynes, LarryM•OPENCV? NC9.80
26.09:17:52 Hanna, DavidM•OPENCV35Manhattan Metro RRNY9.14
 DNF Jensen, MichaelM•OPENRB26Big Apple RRNY0.00
 DNF Jesus, FranciscoM•OPENCV27Mexico CityMX0.00
 DNF Gonzalez, RicardoM•OPENCV25Mexico CityMX0.00
 DNF Idiaquez, ArmandoM•OPENCV20Mexico CityMX0.00
 DNS Spratlin, HaroldM•OPENCV39 GA0.00
 DNS Kraemer, BillM•OPENRB30Tonka Bicycle ClubMN0.00

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Divisions: OPEN = 1-39, MASTER = 40-49, SENIOR = 50+
Skates: CV = Conventional, EM = Eddy Matzger in-lines, RB = Rollerblades, SK = Skeelers, UW = UltraWheels

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