Frequently Asked Questions

What is Athens to Atlanta?
Athens-to-Atlanta is the oldest and most famous road skate in North America. Starting in Athens, Georgia, participants skate through beautiful country roads and quiet suburbia before navigating city streets and triumphantly crossing the 87 mile finish line in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward Skate Park. The course is challenging and requires experienced skating ability, courage, and stamina. Skaters who may not be ready for the whole 87 miles may opt for the 38 mile event, which also starts in Athens, or the 49 mile event, which starts in Dacula and ends in Atlanta. Three, four, and five wheeled skates are welcome, and skaters of any age may enter.
When and where do I get my skate packet?
Packets can be picked up at the Classic Center in Athens (corner of Thomas and Washington Streets on the East end of town, in the Cypress Room) from 3-6pm Saturday the day before the event. This is your last day to register; no event day registration is available.
What ages are allowed to participate?
All ages are welcome for the 38 mile, but you must be 13 or older to participate in the 49 and 87 mile event.
Where is the starting line?
The 87 and 38 mile skates start at 7:00 a.m. SHARP at the Classic Center (N. Thomas and E. Hancock). Do NOT arrive at 7:01 – we are already gone! The 49 mile skaters will board a bus to their start line in Dacula, where they will start at 9:30 a.m.
What time should I be on the starting line?
For the 38 and 87 mile skates, be ready to roll at the start line at 6:50am - we roll at 7:00 a.m. per Henry's phone! The starting line leaves with the skaters so don't be late.
How long does it take?
Most recreational skaters will average 9 to 10 mph, while the elite men and women average 17-20 mph. As a result, skaters cover the 87 miles with a wide range of finishing times - anywhere from 4.5-10 hours. 38-mile skaters take 2-5 hours to complete their event. 52-mile skaters are expected to come in around the same time as the 87-mile skaters.
Can I change the distance after I've registered?
Yes - please email for more information.
Is the event open to quad skaters?
YES! Athens to Atlanta started in 1982 as an all-quad event. It is recommended that quad skates are set up for road skating with a rear brake for downhills and softer road wheels.
What should I bring on the skate?
There are checkpoints every 12-15 miles equipped with water, bananas, and oranges. At the start, you will have the opportunity to drop your own nutrition (in a bag marked with your name) into checkpoint boxes, which will be waiting for your arrival. We recommend starting the event with a full water bottle or camelbak, and some extra snacks.
Is it a race?
No. Come to Henry's rant for the full details, but don't let him hear you call it a race. A2A is road skate...we just happen to keep track of the times.
Are the streets closed off?
No, the streets are open to traffic. Police will be present at pertinent intersections, however skaters must be always prepared to stop. It is at the police officer's discretion whether or not they will stop traffic for skaters.
What happens if it rains?
You will get wet. Pack an extra pair of socks.
Can I get a ride from the finish line in Atlanta back to Athens after the awards ceremony?
Athens-to-Atlanta does not offer official ride services from Atlanta back to Athens. You can use one of the commercial services such as Greyhound Bus, Megabus, Groome Transportation, taxi/ride share, or ask for a ride on our Facebook group.