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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Athens to Atlanta?
Due to permitting issues, the 2021 event will only include the 49-mile Dacula-to-Atlanta skate, and a one-time 16-mile Checkpoint 5-to-Atlanta skate. Continue reading to learn more about our typical event!
When and where do I get my skate packet?
Packet pickup will be held at a location close to Historic Foruth Ward Skatpark (TBD) in Atlanta from 2-5pm Saturday the day before the event. This is your last day to register; no event day registration or packet pickup is available.
What ages are allowed to participate?
Due to traffic and skills required for the ‘back half’ of our course, you must be 13 or older to participate in the 2021 events. If you have a strong, skilled, young skater, who is comfortable skating among cars, controlling his/her speed on downhills including braking to a stoplight on steep downhills, please contact us. We’ll be happy to assess a young skater on a case-by-case basis.
Where is the starting line?
The 49 mile skate starts at 8:00 AM SHARP in Dacula (2505 2nd Ave, Dacula, GA). Skaters will either arrive in their personal vehicles, or come on the Sunday morning bus (pre-registration required). The CP5 skate starts at 10:00 AM SHARP from Checkpoint 5 (Stone Mountain Seventh-day Adventist Church | 1350 Silver Hill Rd | Stone Mountain, GA). Skaters must provide their own transportation to the CP5 start line.
What time should I be on the starting line?
For all skates, all weekend, be prepared to roll 15min before start time, for pre-skate announcements & reminders. Unlike your local skate club (maybe), this event runs on time. If you arrive 1 minute late, we’ll be gone.
How long does it take?
Most recreational skaters will average 9 to 10 mph, while the elite men and women average 17-20 mph. As a result, 49-mile skaters typically take 2-5 hours to complete their event. CP5 skaters will likely take 45min-2 hours to finish.
Can I change the distance after I've registered?
Yes - please email for more information.
Is the event open to quad skaters?
YES! Athens to Atlanta started in 1982 as an all-quad event. It is recommended that quad skates are set up for road skating with a rear brake for downhills and softer road wheels.
What should I bring on the skate?
There are checkpoints every 12-15 miles equipped with water, bananas, and portable toilets. At the start line in Dacula, you will have the opportunity to drop your own nutrition (in a bag marked with your name) into checkpoint boxes, which will be waiting for your arrival. We recommend starting the event with a full water bottle or camelbak, and some extra snacks. 49-mile skaters will see CP4, CP5, and CP6 before finishing in Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark. CP5 skaters will begin at CP5, and will pass CP6 before finishing in Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark. CP5 skaters will be expected to carry any personal nutrition items, but will be able to stop at CP6 for water, bananas, rest, and “nature breaks.”
Is it a race?
No. Tune in to Henry's rant for the full details, but don't let him hear you call it a race. A2A is road skate...we just happen to keep track of the times.
Are the streets closed off?
No, the streets are open to traffic. Traffic on the 49-mile & 16-mile route can be busy. Police will be present at pertinent intersections, however skaters must be always prepared to stop, even at downhill stoplights. It is at the police officer's discretion whether or not they will stop traffic for skaters.
What happens if it rains?
You will get wet. Pack an extra pair of socks.
Can I get a ride from the finish line in Atlanta back to Dacula (or Stone Mountain) after the awards ceremony?
Athens-to-Atlanta does not offer ride services from Atlanta back to Dacula or Stone Mountain. If driving a personal vehicle to the start line, you may find the “A2A Road Skate Chat” group on Facebook helpful in coordinating carpools.
If I take the Sunday AM bus to Dacula, do I need to be ready to roll with my skates on at 6AM?
No! You will arrive in Dacula with 45-60min until your start. There will be a box truck available to take your bag to the finish line in Atlanta. CP5 skaters - you are expected to find your own transportation to your start line, however, if you’d like to have shoes / change of clothes / etc. at the finish line, a volunteer will be available to take your bag to the Atlanta finish line, prior to the start of your event.