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Postponed to October 2021

39th Annual Athens to Atlanta
The World's Longest Running Point-to-Point Skate Event

38 Miles • 49 Miles • 87 Miles

Athens to Atlanta Road Skate

Skaters, Sponsors, Volunteers, and Friends:

After careful consideration, we regret to announce that the 39th Athens to Atlanta Road Skate has been postponed until October of 2021.

Beyond consideration of the health and safety of our participants and volunteers, we are facing a couple of key uncertainties that have led us to our decision. 

The cities of Athens and Atlanta are not currently issuing permits, and have no timeline for when they will become available. Without permits, we cannot hold any event on public roads and we cannot hire the police required to improve safety at vital intersections.

In addition to registration revenue we receive from skaters, Athens to Atlanta relies heavily on commercial sponsors to provide financial support, contribute prizes, and make other resources available to support a safe and successful event. Due to the economic impact of COVID-19, sponsors who have generously helped us in the past are unable to do so this year. By postponing, we help ensure the financial health of our organization, thus the longevity of this event for years to come.

If you have already registered for 2020, we thank you! You are, however, probably wondering, “What will happen to my 2020 registration?” You have three options:

  1. DEFER your registration to 2021.
  2. DONATE your registration to A2A, to help offset future operating costs.
  3. REFUND your registration. Refunds will be issued using the original method of payment or paper check.

If you have registered for any 2020 event (10K, 38mi, 49mi, 87mi), please email to let us know if you would like to DEFER, DONATE, or REFUND your 2020 registration. If we have not heard from you in a few weeks, we will reach out directly.

We understand that A2A utilizes public roads. To protect the future of this event, we implore skaters to refrain from any unofficial or informal skates on the course this October. Distance events like A2A require permits, insurance, and police coverage to operate safely and legally. 

A2A relies heavily on the many long-term relationships we have established, including those with the six Georgia counties we traverse through, the cities that grant us permits to assemble on the day of the event, and the police departments who allow us to employ their officers. Any noticeable presence of skaters on the course without the sanction of and cooperation with these authorities is likely to jeopardize the future of this event.  

We have already begun discussing ways we can all experience the essence of A2A, from the comfort of our own roads (i.e. virtual event options, special merch, etc.). Be sure to follow us on social media (@athens2atlanta on Facebook & Instagram) so you can stay up to date on announcements!

On a personal note, Athens to Atlanta is like my annual family reunion - I so look forward to seeing you all every October. I will miss catching up and skating with you tremendously.

We will announce the date for the 2021 event as soon as UGA releases the 2021 football schedule. 

Stay safe, be well, keep rolling, and we’ll see you all in 2021!

Anna Zuver

Athens to Atlanta Event Director